Every year when it starts to warm up, our thoughts invariably turn to Spring cleaning. So let’s talk about the one place you know you should clean, but just haven’t gotten around to it… the garage. Benefit as much as possible from this undervalued space in your home with these five tips.

1. Assign separate spaces or zones in which to group like things together, for example, games or toys, gardening supplies, tools, home repair, and so on. It makes finding things very simple, keeping the space clean afterwards is straightforward, and it makes it a much more utilitarian workspace.

2. Pegboards are awesome for vertical stockpiling and you can get them in an assortment of sizes and materials. They are great for hanging everything from tools to hoses and their unique peg system means you can adapt them as your needs change.

3. Give yourself some room. In the event that a lack of space is keeping you from your DIY activities, make your garage more useful by including a good workbench. Fold-down models give you the surface you require without taking up any floor space. Add wheels to any table to make your workstation portable.

4. Whenever possible, use regular old shelves rather than cupboards. Not only are they easier to set up and less costly, they likewise consume less space since they don’t have those pesky cupboard doors.

5. It may be easy to lean your ladder against the wall when you’re not using it, but not only does it take up a ton of space, it also can be a safety hazard. Ladders can easily be knocked over injuring you or whatever else may be in your garage. Lay it down on the floor, up against the wall, or just grab some hooks and get it off the floor all together!

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