Garage Door Openers

The garage door opener is an imperative part to your garage door, it allows you to open and close your garage with the click of a button. If yours is having a problem and needs servicing, our experienced technicians are capable of servicing any brand of garage door opener on the market.
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There are 4 types of garage door openers that are in use today. Here’s a brief overview of the different types so you can know a bit more about what type you have.

Chain Drive

Chain Drive openers are the most common. They are utilize a long chain that looks much like a bicycle chain. They are efficient and low cost, however, they are the loudest of the four types.

Belt Drive

Belt Drive openers are almost identical to chain drive with the exception of noise. They also utilize a belt, rather than a chain. The belt drive opener is considered to be higher quality and is the quietest of the four.

Screw Drive

Screw Drive Openers have large powerful, screw driven motors and are generally used for commercial doors. This is the strongest option for garage door openers making them the most commonly used in heavy-duty applications.

Jack Shaft

These are the least commonly used because they are typically used for specialized doors or in extremely small spaces.